About Namibia

Namibia is, especially for Europeans, quite a large country (4 times as big as the UK) with only 1,9 million people. It is situated on the south west coast of Africa and has a nice, warm and dry climate with more than 300 sunny days a year.

Namibia Windhoek

The country of Namibia is extremely diverse: untouched National Parks, never-ending deserts and plains, sandy beaches for miles, but also mountains and plateau’s such as the Waterberg plateau and wetlands with their rivers and swamps. Big herds of kudu’s and other antelope live in these areas, but also zebra’s, (desert) elephants, hippo’s and many birds (630 different species) can be found in Namibia. Moreover, many other kinds of animals live on the grassy plains, like predators such as lions, cheetah’s, hyenas and leopards. In the coastal area, seals, penguins, pelicans and dolphins can be found.

The friendly indigenous people with their traditional habits and culture live a peaceful life in the stable and secure country of Namibia.

Namibie - Sossusvlei

The first people that lived in the area currently known as Namibia were most probably the San or Bushmen people. In later stage local tribes as the Nama and the Damara people came to this region, followed by the Ovambo and the Herero people.

For many years, Namibia was neglected by the European explorers as the coast and the dry and rocky desert were difficult barriers.

Only in the 15e century Portuguese explorers arrived at the coastal area. From then on, it was neglected again and only in 19e century the first European missionaries founded themselves here, not much later becoming a British colony.

In 1883 a German Lord bought large pieces of land and not much later it became a German protectorate named SüdWest Africa. In this period, many wars and fights took place with and between the local tribes and with the South-African “Boers”, who took control around 1920 and introduced the apartheid regime in 1980. After a fight for freedom initiated by the SWAPO, the State of Independence was announced only in 1990 and from that time the democratic republic of Namibia was a fact.